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The Anatolian Journal of Family Medicine Frequency of Psychiatric Symptoms and Associated Factors During Pregnancy [anatol j fm]
anatol j fm. 2021; 4(1): 36-42 | DOI: 10.5505/anatoljfm.2020.63935

Frequency of Psychiatric Symptoms and Associated Factors During Pregnancy

Ece Büyüksandalyacı Tunç1, Hasan Çılgın2
1Department of Psychiatry, Kars Harakani State Hospital, Kars, Turkey
2Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Kafkas University Faculty of Medicine, Kars, Turkey

INTRODUCTION: Psychiatric disorders are a significant health concern during the perinatal period. Therefore, this study determined the prevalence of psychiatric symptoms and their associated factors during pregnancy.
METHODS: All pregnant women who presented to Kafkas University gynecology and obstetrics outpatient clinic for examination between February 4 and May 4, 2019, and consented to participate in this study were included. This study employed the General Health Questionnaire, sociodemographic characteristics of the pregnant women, and perceived health status.
RESULTS: Notably, 190 (45.6%) of pregnant women had psychiatric symptoms. Regarding the risk factors, they were 1.920 times more in pregnant women living in the villages or towns than those living in cities or city centers (95% CI: 1.224–3.014); 1.986 times more in unemployed pregnant women than those with a steady income (95% CI: 1.139–3.461); 0.469 times more in those who desired the pregnancy than those with undesired pregnancy (95% CI: 0.261–0.844); 1.650 times more in first pregnancies than those with more than two pregnancies (95% CI: 1.069–2.548).
DISCUSSION AND CONCLUSION: Pregnant women living in rural areas like villages or towns, those unemployed and pregnant for the first time, were determined to be at high risk for psychiatric symptoms. Therefore, physicians at primary healthcare institutions should be periodically trained regarding perinatal psychiatric disorders.

Keywords: Psychiatric disorders, pregnant women, unwanted pregnancies, Turkey

Ece Büyüksandalyacı Tunç, Hasan Çılgın. Frequency of Psychiatric Symptoms and Associated Factors During Pregnancy. anatol j fm. 2021; 4(1): 36-42

Corresponding Author: Ece Büyüksandalyacı Tunç, Türkiye
Manuscript Language: English
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